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What is it all about?



    This is an original theory that unifies all nature's forces into a single type of interaction, giving real explanations for the most important physical quantities, such as mass, electric charge, energy or time. My approach comes from the outside of the quantum mechanics field and is based on the relativity principles and the presumed space granularity.

    Prime Theory does not reinvent nor negate the Standard Model of particle physics, it only explains the basic concepts of this model. It is in fact the "missing link", a connection that has to be made between reality, the substance our Universe is made of, and the abstract theories modern physics has introduced; moreover, it reveals the real sense of things, at any scale.

    Here are a few short pdf documents related to this subject and a global archive of all my books and articles:

 Prime Theory - a new theory of everything  - (updated), a summary of my work on this theory and some new projects.

 A few theoretical consequences of the Prime Theory - details on some possible implications this theory might have.

 Relativity - a short article that contains a few remarks on relativity from a granular perspective.

 Granular Physics - a zip archive (~ 13MB) that contains all my books related to this theory (numbered and updated). 


Why this theory?

Universe, galaxies, stars

    There are several reasons that forced me to write down this theory. The most important one is the lack of clear, simple and logical explanations regarding gravity and its origin, the current models of this universal force not being unanimously accepted by the physicists. Another one is the idea stated by modern physics that the fields are exerting their actions at a distance through the empty space, without being intermediate by something. And the absence of a model for the electric charge of particles... Things like these, which I cannot live or agree with, made up a critical mass and so I started developing my own theory, corroborating all the knowledge I got over the years from different domains of activity.


How it works

    This simple theory shows why the relativity concept has to be used in any description of reality and how it can be extended due to the presence of gravity. It explains the very nature of our Universe, how it really works, its genesis and its extinction. Moreover, it is all about space, matter, the fundamental interactions and the physical laws that governed their mechanics over the ages.

    From what I know so far, this is the first theory that identifies space with its granular constituent and features a certain set of clear and simple sub-quantum rules. The same spatial granules are composing the elementary particles and all the known fields. Based on the granular mechanics, this theory offers for the first time ever an explanation for the intrinsic movement of particles and their stability over time, considering their geometric shape as being the cause of the electric and magnetic fields.

    What else is new in my model? First, space and matter are both made of the same primordial stuff, having a special granular consistency. Second, these identical chunks of the raw material are moving continuously at a constant speed, having a certain amount of mechanical energy that conserves over time. The elementary particles and their higher scale structures are therefore large collections of granular matter - of fixed, distinct shapes and dimensions. Consequently, any of these granular formations possess a sum of those minimal energies; moreover, any particle or object is in fact a particular representation, a combination of these fundamental bricks of nature, functioning on a minimal set of basic rules. Energy is neither created nor lost during the interactions of these structures. It is only transferred, stored, modified by the matter components through fields. These fields, which are granular fluxes of different types that all are resulting from the intrinsic characteristics of space, hold the matter together and allow the exchange of energy between their components. The granular dynamics is thus becoming the essence of reality, the unique mechanism that determines the other laws of physics, from the quantum realm up to the cosmic scale.

    One of the intrinsic characteristics of space has emerged from the initial splitting process of matter, and we could call it absoluteness. This important feature imposed a special motion to all existing granules, and the implications of this thing at larger scales are widely described in my second book, The Universe. A new theory is presented there, Theory of the Absolute, which completes the well-known relativity laws and offers a solid perspective on nature's fundamental mechanisms.

    Moreover, as the Big Bang theory no longer checks out with several aspects of the latest astronomical observations, I simply decided to develop an alternate model of the Universe's birth. It actually replaces my old models by changing the "explosion" parts, mostly. The new theory called "The First Bangs" may be freely downloaded as pdf file from the Ebooks page.

    One of my latest articles is called "The Theory of Granular Gravity"; it tries to shed new light on some concrete aspects related to the electric, magnetic, gluonic and gravitational fields. The fundamental granular mechanisms behind these fields are finally revealed, along with some supplemental explanations for another interesting subject, the gravitational waves. The whole story may be freely downloaded as pdf file from the next webpage, as well as the first two books.

    A new pair of articles, "The formation of elementary particles" and "The shape of elementary particles", completes the Prime Theory; they try to describe the simple granular mechanism that led to the creation of generic particles in the beginning of our universe and a few characteristics induced by their granular structure. The download links can be found on the next page.  


Your feedback

6 billlion years old galaxies

    My vision does not follow the mainstream of quantum physics, but I hope that there is at least one scientist who agrees with my new ideas. Therefore, I am waiting for any serious comment or suggestion that might help improve this theory.

    I am also interested in building some new theoretical models of the elementary particles, to analyze their shape and stability over time using special simulation software.


Possible implications




    If this theory is proven right, there will be a few not very nice theoretical consequences, and not only for physicists facing the change of paradigm. Many of the human's dreams and hopes related to time travel would thus become impossible; they will never come true, as they are no longer depending on the level of technology.

1. Gravity, as it is defined in my theory, is embedded into the fabric of space and it cannot be separated, modified or inversed. Its current magnitude cannot be changed, neither its direction relative to a material body. Therefore, anti-gravity, as a presumed force opposing gravity, is simply not possible in our Universe.

2. Dark matter and dark energy are no longer needed in order to explain the amount of matter and the gravitational pull within the galaxies and, respectively, the repelling forces between them.

3. Time travel is also impossible, as it has always been, also due to the intrinsic nature of space. We cannot travel into either past or future. Wormholes, as theoretical shortcuts through spacetime, are also not possible.

4. The speed of light is proven one more time to be the maximum possible speed in Universe, either for information, waves, particles, photons or any other material body. With only one exception: the superluminal speed C of the spatial granules, which is in fact far greater than that of the light in vacuum, c.

5. Space, seen as a framework, seems to expand continuously, regardless of the magnitude of gravity or the total mass of matter in the Universe.

6. There are no other space dimensions, hidden or not, besides those three we all know about.

7. The mass of any super-massive black hole is continuously increasing due to the normal and granular accretion.

8. Gravitation, electric and magnetic fields, strong and weak forces, all of these are now unified into a unique field that has a very simple, mechanical interaction with any particle of matter.

    As a general conclusion of this theory, I think that most of the deepest secrets of our material world, hidden for so long, are now brought to light. Essentially, there is space and matter as a whole, and we have found out all the physical laws governing the evolution of these two components since the beginning of the Universe. Therefore, there is a single question that still remains unanswered at this moment: how the presumed primordial nothingness has been split up into this binary something, and why... (I am hoping that these things are not beyond our logic and comprehension).

New terms

granular physics, granular mechanics, granular dynamics, granulon (granuli), electrophoton

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